Speak against the government and be labelled a terrorist.

“Let’s not arrest bankers, let’s look over here…you are criminals on the Internet. If you speak against gov you are terrorists.” Says the BBC news.
Yes sadly that’s their opinion. They aren’t liking the hashtag #cameronmustgo on Twitter either. You can tell that they don’t like it because they aren’t reporting it. It’s been top trending for a couple of days now. The British public have no faith at all in cameron. And why should we?
Here’s a short list of the crimes he’s committed so far….
The selling off of the NHS.
The bedroom tax.
The council tax supplement.
Universal credit.
The blatant discrimination of all ill and disabled people.
Taking away the support for independent living. (Soon to come).
Selling the post office to the highest bidder.
The disgusting treatment of our firemen and women.
The criminalisation of being poor.
More child poverty than has ever been in publicly recorded in the uk.
And to finish this list off….. Suicides, starvation and lack of hope.
Oh and not to forget homelessness.
For every affordable home that is being built the local authority concerned has to give up some of its social housing…. The poor loosing out again.
The ethnic cleansing of London. Well done to the women putting up a fight.
Does saying all this make me a terrorist? Maybe it does…. But ask me if I care and I will answer with a firm no.
Stay strong in your beliefs don’t let anyone grind you down and make you feel hopeless.

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