The number 500,000 keeps ringing in my head like an annoying song on the radio. It wont disappear. £500,000 is the amount of money that Eric Pickles has spent on private cars to take him from meetings and to his luxury pad. But why is this figure ringing in my head? Because its also the exact amount of people that have “disappeared” from the unemployment figures since the cruel sanctioning regime began. These people will be hungry, unable to afford public transport. The only transport available to them will be their feet, that is unless they still have a bike to use that hasnt been sold for food money. There are several ways that the government like to make people disappear from the unemployment figures. The favourite method of the moment is sanctioning closely followed by the work programme where they also enjoy sanctioning you. Also is the workfare programme where even when sanctioned you are expected to work for nothing. Volunteering clearly isn’t voluntary any more.

If you want to help boycott the companies that use the workfare programme. I know that I do. Hit them where it hurts… in the wallet. Boycott these companies.

Give some easily cookable food to your local foodbank make it as complete a meal as possible. Dont forget dog, cat food and toiletries as well. All are important.

Remember we are all only 3 payslips away from being in this situation. We need to let this government know that we aren’t happy and we are not going to be willing to be treated like this for much longer.

500,000 might only be a number but its still ringing in my ears.

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3 thoughts on “500,000”

  1. Once you are 60, you disappear from the government unemployment statistics altogether.

    Equally at 60 with health issues are liable for benefit sanctions and Workfare, and people of that age unemployed, in work and disabled / chronically sick losing those benefits, are going to food banks.

    Food banks are only 3 vouchers a year and not universal in gaining a food voucher if not on benefit.

    Coming to women born from 1953 and men born from 1951 is
    NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE with the biggest con in UK history of the flat rate pension that is no pension forever in old age or far far less state pension which already is lowest of all rich nations bar poor Mexico.


    The only socialist party that so far helps all those on 20 per cent lowest income who have suffered far more inflation of energy bills and food prices that any other income level, is The Greens, with their unique and new polices in their 2015 manifesto pledge:

    – universal and automatic, Citizen Income, non-withdrawable
    to the level of the basic tax allowance

    – Bettered State Pension, giving a full state pension to all citizens,
    leaving no citizen with nil state pension as is coming with the flat rate pension


    1. Yes very true I’m seeing more and more older people being targeted by this government. Incidently if you find a non Trussell trust foodbank they won’t turn you away after 3 times. They have their own rules thankfully.


    2. And also the Green Party are very very supportive of our demonstrations. Myself being a member. But we don’t limit our demos to just one party. All peaceful like minded people are welcome. We all need to join the fight against this unfair and unjust government.


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