Vulnerable disabled woman in wheelchair left homeless by local authority.

Yep it’s happened and is probably happening up and down the country but isn’t spoken about… Which is usually the case. But I don’t believe in whispering. These stories need to be out in the open so everyone knows the harsh realities of living in the uk at the moment.
I first was made aware around a month ago of a lady with severe epilepsy living on the streets… At the moment the town escapes me, but it doesn’t really matter it’s the content of this story that matters. Her local authority refused to put her in any type of accommodation saying that she wasn’t vulnerable enough… I don’t suppose being disabled is enough these days to qualify for emergency housing. A homeless charity did everything in their power to help her but to no avail. So she had a bad seizure and broke her hip…. So now she is homeless on the streets in a wheelchair with a quantity of pain relief which has a street value thus making her even more vulnerable…. The charity couldn’t believe it… How is this right? I hope that she has a bed for the night and is safe. Everyone deserves this. We are certainly returning to Dickensian Britain. There’s no words to describe how evil this is.
On another note, a man aged 59 was told by a computer charity that he was no longer needed so lost his job. He liked working there and had made friends and at his age finding new employment is unlikely…. So he did the right thing. He went to the Jobcentre to sign on…. He was told he had to complete a workfare programme at…. Would you believe it…. The charity that had let him go. This man is now stand in his ground. He’s refusing to do it, saying quite rightly that he had a paid job there and refuses to work for nothing. So now he is standing outside the charity every morning from 7.30 until 9.30 with a placard telling people why… And why this charity is wrong. He says he will have to manage on his £149 a month pension because he will not quite rightly work for nothing.
Lastly, scope the charity I believe had made an announcement that they weren’t going to use people sent to them via the Jobcentre for either workfare or work experience anymore… So why is it that there are people at Ashton under lyne scope still “volunteering” there and being sanctioned by the Jobcentre? This needs to be stopped now.
Has the world gone mad? I certainly think that the insane are now in charge of our country and the poor are suffering greatly.
We must fight back in whatever way we can… Every effort towards making this country a fair and just one once again is worth its weight in gold… We can stand together and tell our children and grandchildren that at least we tried… We will stand together without fear but with strength. We really need to make this world a better place for our children.
We will be outside Ashton under lyne Jobcentre from 1-2.45 on Thursday. We are peaceful but convey a very important message. Love, peace and solidarity to everyone and help given when needed. Please come.
Thank you
Peace xx

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7 thoughts on “Vulnerable disabled woman in wheelchair left homeless by local authority.”

  1. I’m not sure you are telling the whole story correctly here about the man with the computer charity. You don’t do your cause any good if you don’t report the full facts.


  2. This welfare reform madness will only get worse with people left with
    coming with the flat rate pension
    to women born from 1953 and men born from 1951

    So far have only find the new unique policies of The Greens’ help people of all ages within the 20 per cent lowest income, in or out of work, of all ages, disabled, chronic sick, or able bodied.

    – universal, automatic Citizen Income, non-withdrawable
    to the level of basic tax allowance
    with supplement for disability

    – Full State Penson to all citizens, irregardless of National Insurance contribution / credit history, leaving no citizen from the time The Greens are in government in 2015 without a state pension which for so many is their sole food and fuel money in old age.


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