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So the government have now decided that they want to introduce biometric fingerprinting and signature recognition technology inside the Jobcentres… Correct me if I’m wrong but you are obliged to give your fingerprints when charged with committing a crime…, this is scary stuff. They are saying that this is for “security” reasons and it will make “things move quicker” but I doubt that is the real reason. They want to track our every move. After all we are worth money to them. And not just pennies. Whilst being made to undergo the work programme you are contracted to that work programme provider for two years (who thought slavery had been abolished?) and they get a bonus for both you being there and if you yes you find a job off your own back. They tried this with me but wasn’t successful. The hounded me on the telephone but I refused to comply with their requests…. Then they said that they would breach data protection laws to get my information….
You are under no legal obligation to hand over your personal details to them. They just want their bonuses which are paid every four weeks at first.
If you are forced to attend the work programme which does everything except let you look for work do not sign anything except the registers when you walk in and the various registers on the table to say that you were there. They have the power to sanction you so be very wary and question everything.
I wasn’t very popular whilst I was on the work programme for two days… I spent most of my time handing out advice and empowering the people there. Job well done I think.
Please join us at out usual demonstration on Thursday outside Ashton Jobcentre, remember we stand for the people. Anyone can join in as long as you are peaceful.
Peace and written in remembrance of those that we have lost due to this governments cruel and inhumane actions towards the poor.

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