Yesterday…. And our weekly demonstration outside Ashton under lyne Jobcentre.

Thursday is our regular day for our Jobcentre demonstration. No matter how much you prepare for it you are never really fully prepared. Something new happens every week, more desperate stories are given to us. But yesterday was special. We had Octobers list of the dead… The list of the victims of the DWP sanctioning and disability related deaths. The list was 4 pages long and full of names. Nothing can ever prepare you for this. I made the decision to read the names out in front of the Jobcentre so the public and the Jobcentre staff could hear it. Maybe I thought in the back of my mind that the Jobcentre staff might stop laughing and become a tad sympathetic. It had the reverse effect. They laughed at us even more. They think that death is funny even when anyone can become a victim of the cruel regime put on us by this government. Sadly I got overwhelmed reading that many names took its toll on me so my friend continued to read them for me. Then we had a breakthrough. Even though some members of the public were shouting the usual “get a job” at us… More were coming over and joining us, asking us questions saying that they didn’t know it was that bad…. I said it’s worse because the list is only the tip of the iceberg. You see we cannot get any information from the government about the true total of deaths… They refuse to give it. However hard working volunteers like myself do our own research. And it’s shocking.
May we never forget the dead…. Let’s avenge their deaths by being outside the Jobcentre every week without fail. Let’s make people realise that their life’s are and were important.
Iain Duncan smiths new idea has just been released to the press…. It’s already been tried out at Ashton Jobcentre. It’s called work mentors for single parents working part time…..
As part of the universal credit scheme being a single parent and working part time is not good enough. Indeed now if you are being seen in their very biased eyes that you are not looking for more work whilst you are working and singlehandedly raising your children…. You will be sanctioned. Yes sanctioned. They are now officially targeting the single parents… Yes it’s hard enough being a single parent. I talk about this from many years of experience. But to target them like this will bring about child starvation and hunger and parent suicides. Sounds drastic I know but it’s a reality.
My question to David Cameron is… When will you make us hand our children at the workhouse gates never to see them again.., is your plan to take children away from loving parents so they can work themselves to death? But I forget there are very few jobs out there… So please tell us what are we to do?
One thing I do know is…. We need to stop this and stop it now. This evil and tyrannical government is going too far… Whilst we go hungry and commit suicide…. They get richer and richer…. And they smile more….. I honestly think that making the poor suffer is a sport to them and they gain great satisfaction from it,
Please come to our demonstrations every Thursday from 1-2.45… Maybe later this week as we are in no rush….
Please support us in any way that you can. We have no money and are in desperate need of leaflets printing etc. We have no funding and are trying to organise fundraising events.
Remember it’s not a crime to be poor… But the government would like to make the public think that it is.

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3 thoughts on “Yesterday…. And our weekly demonstration outside Ashton under lyne Jobcentre.”

  1. You are doing great work there at the Jobcentre demos. I will be with you next week. We banned them from hunting foxes so now they hunt human beings. You are right it is undiluted class hatred – you only have to look at some of them to recognise that they have a fundamental problem with human beings whom they regard as their social inferiors. Sadly, the Labour Party will be no better as their Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, the former Bank of England economist Rachel Reeves has made clear

    We need new working class politicians. We need to do more than demonstrate, we need to take power.


    1. Yes we do. Indeed my m.p who is standing down due to ill health said the very same thing to me the last time i spoke to him. He said we need more proper socialists more decent working class politicians and not the career politicians that are in parliment at the moment. Its full of them and they havent got a clue about real life. Theyve never had to struggle to find food or work. He then said that i should stand and i answered that i couldnt afford it anymore. They moved the goalpoasts so its out of reach for the normal working class person.


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