Get a job or get evicted.

This is the latest idea to come out of the governments mouth. Is this the end of social housing? It seems that they want this and is no surprise. However they are forgetting that this will also affect working people on housing benefit. No-one is safe. I remember years ago being shown videos of the tent cities that have sprung up in America. They are built out of necessity due to lack of housing, money and work. Along with the death of the NHS we have the death of social houses to contend with. Social housing was built for people who were inadequately and unsafely housed. We celebrated it thinking that it would be the end of having to live in slum conditions. Now they want us to say goodbye to that as well. It will be one goodbye too much for most people.

Please join us on our weekly demonstartion at Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre this Thursday. This Jobcentre has the harshest sanctioning regime   in the country and the suicide levels are shocking. We stand there for the people to help them, to give them hope and to tell this government that this is unjust and most likely illegal. We need change but only we can bring about change by being on the streets and not behind a computer screen.

Remember we are the change that we want to be.

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