Yesterday Jobcentre demonstration.

Yesterday was the day for our usual Jobcentre demonstration. Never knowing just what to expect we met outside the Jobcentre at Ashton under lyne and prepared our information table and various banners and placards.
Now we are a very peaceful bunch, but it seems the Jobcentre doesn’t agree with this. They called the police 3 times. That has to be a record number of times. The first call was within ten minutes of setting up. This shows how paranoid the Jobcentre or should I say sanction centre is feeling at the moment.
We handed in our offer of free lessons in compassion for all Jobcentre members of staff and G4S security staff. Needless to say they didn’t like this and they objected to the taking of the photograph to record the free offer of compassion lessons.
Needless to say they didn’t take us up on our offer, but we will be there every week.
Compassion is something that the Jobcentre lacks. Here are some examples of sanctions given yesterday.
Sanctioned for attending a job interview.
Sanctioned for arriving ten minutes early.
Sanctioned for being too ill to attend a signing on appointment even though they had informed the Jobcentre.
Sanctioned for failing to secure a job interview. (The lady was also crippled with osteoarthritis but despite this continued with her job search.)
These sanctions will be overturned when they reach appeal that’s if the people concerned take it to appeal. Most people are too depressed, hungry and down trodden to take it that far.
We can’t let the government carry on playing chess with people’s life’s.
We need it to stop.
And despite the Jobcentre protesting against us being there we will be back again next week to offer help and advice for anyone wanting it.
Please come and join us.

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