It’s a wet day.

Today has been an interesting day. It hasn’t stopped raining all day, which isn’t unusual and I had to attend my daughters harvest festival at school. Things have changed since I was at school where we used to take a tin of food in or fruit and veg and arrange them in a display on the alter or the church. The request now is to bring tins of food in for the local foodbanks. I did suggest this to the headmistress the other year and it seems that she took me up on that idea.
It got me thinking about the ever increasing dependency on foodbanks by the working poor and non working poor, and also the ever increasing dependency of this government for using foodbanks as a sticking plaster instead of finding a solution to this massive problem of people going hungry even though we are the 6th richest country in the world.
To me it’s shocking it’s disgraceful and it makes me feel ashamed to be British. It’s a scary thought that everyone is only three payslips away from having to use a foodbank or loosing their homes. Homes that they have lived in possibly for many years.
What is this governments answer? Sanction more, make the young starve even more, the whole country is falling apart in front of my eyes and we can’t stop it… The saying stop the ride I want to get off comes to mind.
We can all do our bit. Don’t support companies that exploit unemployed people that use “free” labour… They take away real paid jobs away from paid workers.
We can help each other, and if donating to a foodbank please remember to include food that can be eaten cold and is as complete a meal as possible. Many people using foodbanks won’t have any gas or electric to cook with. Also pet food, toiletries, loo roll, shampoo deodorant. And please remember to donate to all food banks not just trussell trust foodbanks. They are all important and they are all struggling.
And most important… Keep smiling don’t let the swines grind you down….,

2 thoughts on “It’s a wet day.”

  1. ..and read, study, think, discuss, what we need to do to overthrow the ruling class which is directing these attacks on us and to reject the divisions they try to create within the working class.

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