Welcome to my blog.

The poor side of life

I have decided to start a blog due to my feelings of frustration that I am feeling because I am poor, perhaps classed by some as being very poor. However I’m not poor in friends, ideas and spirit. I actively campaign every week outside Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre to highlight the way the poor have been systematically targeted by this evil corrupt government.

We have not seen poverty like this since the 1930s and it is about time we as a nation stood up against this government. However it isn’t easy, people are demoralised and in poor health so every bit of action helps.

This blog will contain the ramblings of my everyday life. I hope that you enjoy reading it. Any opinions expressed in this blog will be my own opinions unless otherwise stated.

I also hope to be able to provide links to advice and local activism and…

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog.”

    1. Thank you we need to awaken the people who are scared of speaking out… Once you loose the fear you find your freedom… It’s my favourite saying. When you’ve got nothing to loose you can speak out as much as you want because they can’t stop you from doing that

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